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Why Organization Matters

Are you struggling to get your house back in working order after the holidays? We understand why organization matters to you and how it can help you live an efficient life. Here at Princeton Self Storage we have the supplies on-site to get you started and the strategies to tackle every room. Look below for room-by-room instructions.

Why Organization Matters-01

Living Room:

  • Make a separate area from games and toys separated from blankets and pillows. This will make game night that much more fun when you don’t have to search for your games.
  • Furniture with hidden storage is a creative solution for storing your games, blankets, and movies.
  • Make a charging station to help keep miscellaneous cords out of sight.
  • Allow your furniture to float in your room. Give a couple inches of space from the wall to keep the room comfy and welcoming.


  • Hang a shower organizer to keep your shampoos off the ledge and stop mildew from growing.
  • Consider adding a metal tiered basket by your sink for extra storage. This way guests can find everything they need.
  • Take advantage of the wall space around your sink with floating vanity shelves. Put q-tips, cotton balls, and bathroom necessities in glass jars for easy locating and functional decoration.
  • Every month go through your cabinet and discard any expired medicines and products.


  • Arrange the items in your kitchen by frequency of use. Items you use most should be within reach of your work area. Dishes for special events can go on a higher shelf.
  • Re-purposed file organizers and magazine holders to organize your pots and pans.
  • Keep similar items together in your pantry. This will make prepping meals a breeze and help you know what ingredients need to go on the shopping list.
  • Use mesh drawer dividers in your pantry and utensil drawers for easy coordinating. Consider buying metal dividers to help make cleaning simple.

Garage / Mudroom:

  • Designate a spot in your garage as a mudroom. Adding shelves, a bench, and shoe shelf by the door to the house, makes an instant mudroom and keeps the dirt out of the house.
  • Store decorations and seasonal items such as sports equipment and clothes on hanging shelves.
  • A peg board or slatted walls are good for organizing tools, big and small. Just make sure to give each tool a home so you are never searching.
  • Put screws, bolts, and nuts in a sealed twist top container, that way the clutter is off your work area.

During the holidays we spend time with our families, and once January hits the house may need some tidying up. Princeton Self Storage is here to help when you notice everything is out of place. Stop in to talk with us about ways to fix up every room!