Tips to Store Your Vehicle

The weather is getting cooler and it’s time to think about storing your car or motorcycle. Whether storing in a garage or at a facility below are some helpful tips to store your vehicle for the winter. Follow these tips for your vehicle to be in the best condition in the spring. Tips to Store Your Vehicle

  • Make sure before storing your vehicle to clean it up. Take it for one last drive to burn off any extra water, then give it a nice wash and wax to protect it for the winter.
  • Always use a breathable car cover and keep the vehicle away from the sunlight. Sunlight is bad for the interior of the car because it can fade and crack the upholstery.
  • Top off all fluids, especially the gas tank. Leaving a little room for in the gas tank will allow for moisture to build up and cause issues in the spring.
  • Leave a small crack in the window so the car can circulate fresh air. Fresh air allows your vehicle to be drive ready for the spring.
  • Changing the oil before storing is a good suggestion so when Spring does roll around you are ready to ride.
  • A good way to keep critters out is to  plug exhaust pipes and intake openings. Critters love to make homes in these cozy spots. You should also make a note to yourself for the Spring stating what is covered.
  • Even though your car is being stored and not in use for the winter you should always maintain proper insurance in case of theft.
  • If storing a motorcycle, spray all exposed metal with WD 40 or similar product spray to protect from built up condensation and prevent rust.


Stop by the office for more helpful tips to store your vehicle from our storage professionals or reserve your space today online or in person!