Time To Store Your Summer Gear

How To Store Summer Gear

Fall is just right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about packing away your summer gear for the season.  Whether you are storing your summer belongings in a storage unit—we have the right one for you!- or in your garage, here are summer storing tips to follow.

Beach supplies:

  • Make sure everything is completely dry before putting into storage unit
  • Use damp-rid in units to make sure nothing gets moldy/musty if anything is accidentally placed in unit wet

Summer clothes:

  • If you fold items, fold them loosely to prevent creases
  • Satchels of dried lavender, etc can help keep clothes smelling fresh or dryer sheets
  • Store clean clothes- dry clean/launder before storing
  • Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothing to store for winter

Patio furniture:

  • Make sure all pieces are clean and dry as to not prevent any damage
  • Use dust covers or furniture covers to protect the furniture

Bikes, kayaks, canoes, and other sporting equipment

  • Always cover your canoe, bike, etc even if it is stored inside to prevent damaging of any foam or rubber materials.
  • Be sure they are completely wiped down and dry before storing
  • Store on the ground to prevent damage from the item falling. Place a dust cover on the ground first to protect your belongings.

Store Summer Gear


Now that you have the tips to properly store your summer gear, stop by to pick up the products you need or choose the right unit for you! For additional general storing tips, visit our how to store page!