Small Business Storage Solution

Small businesses are extremely important to our economy, especially here in Princeton. We understand the needs of the small businesses and provide a solution to some of the challenges companies could face.  For the minimal amount of rent per year, a self storage unit is a great investment. Along with freeing space at your business’s primary location, but it will also provide added space as the company expands.

Here a few ways a storage unit could be the answer to your small business needs:

  • Products that do not need to be in the main warehouse.
    • If your company has many product lines, but not alot of space, a storage unit can be used to store the excess. This allows for you to have quick access to deliver to customers on time.
  • Decorations and fixtures that are used only certain times during the year.  Many organizations may use special decorations at their business or even in their showroom at different points throughout the year. Storing them in a unit allows for your business and supply closet to stay organized and clean.
  • Furniture that is only required at certain times of the year. During particularly busy seasons, companies may hire temporary part-time workers and need space for these workers. The furniture can be stored out of the way for the rest of the year for clear, productive space.


Any small business that’s experiencing growth or wants to expand into new markets should look into using self-storage. This solution allows expansion with lower risk.


On November 29, please Shop Small for Small Business Saturday.  We are a small business, so we know the importance of money staying in the community.  Join us in shopping small and plan your Saturday, here.