Self Storage Auction Wars

We get a lot of calls asking about self storage auctions in Princeton these days since A&E’s Storage Wars and SpikeTV’s Auction Hunters shows have started airing.  Here is some info below on what Princeton NJ auctions are.

Storage auctions are held when someone fails to pay their rent or abandons their unit, and we auction off what was in them.  Only 1-2% of all the rented storage units in the country ever go to auction.

Looking to score big at a neighborhood Princeton NJ self storage auction?  Here are a few tips:

If the unit is kept very neat, it shows that the personal property has been cared for, and may be worth more.

Be on the lookout for things with specific resale value, such as tools, electronics and furniture.

Also be wary of bidding on a unit with things that may cost money to haul, like old stained mattresses, junky furniture, etc.

Here are some strange items found in a storage unit:

Jessica Alba’s Christmas Decorations. Jessica purportedly had so many Christmas decorations, she needed a separate storage unit just to keep them all.

The Knightrider Car. Cars are commonly stored at facilities, but when someone drove up with a copy of Michael Knight’s K.I.T.T. at a storage facility in the UK there was some jaw dropping.

Aretha Franklin’s Clothing. Aretha stored her items in a unit after a fire had damaged her Michigan home.  She abandoned the items there (they must have been out of style) and a bidder ended up with a nice set of clothing, hats and other accessories.

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For more Princeton, NJ auction information check with your Property Manager for details.