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Moving to a new home in a new area can be stressful, but self storage can make it easier. Come to Princeton Self Storage to see which of our drive-up or interior storage units would work best for you. You can also save on storage with us when you refer a friend! You each get $50 your storage rental. Princeton Self Storage staff members are experts at helping tenants move. We serve homeowners, renters, businesses, college students, and everyone in-between. Here are some of the reasons we have seen people move since the pandemic started.

Why Was There a Rise in Movers When the Pandemic Began?

City Was Too Expensive

The city became a lot pricier for a few reasons. First, many companies issued huge layoffs and furloughs. A lot of people could no longer afford their rent and had to find elsewhere to live. Others may have come to terms with the fact that staying in the apartment all day was not being worth the normal cost for the whole city experience.

Be Closer to Family

The pandemic brought on a lot of stress very suddenly, and everyone had to learn how to cope with it. Young adults looked to temporary move back in with family or friends. Remote workers could also re-evaluate where they wanted to spend their time now that they did not have to be close to an office.

Princeton Self Storage: Refer a Friend Program

When you decide to move, let Princeton Self Storage on Airpark Road take care of your items. You will have peace of mind knowing your items are safe under our watch. We offer drive-up and temperature-controlled storage options for you to choose from. See them in person at our Princeton NJ storage facility, or choose to rent or reserve your storage online!

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