Ideas To Make Your Garage Organization Easy

Ideas That Will Make Your Garage Organization Easy

A garage is one part of the house that we tend to let go of. We throw in our dirty shoes, pile up our yard tools, randomly stack shelves with odds and ends, and have about a dozen junk drawers. Princeton Self Storage has found out some brilliant ideas that will make your garage organization easy and your life a little less stressful. Check out these ideas and use them in your garage to make the most out of your space.

Garage Organization Ideas

  • Create a recycling bin hanger with the help of scrap wood. It will help you save floor space and easily accessible.
  • Use a towel holder with a skinny rod to hang garbage bags. Make sure the towel holder is secured well to the wall.
  • If you have an attached garage and no mudroom inside, build one on the wall next to the main entrance. A mudroom is an ideal place to hang all your coats and dirty shoes and keep your house tidy.
  • Use scrap pieces of PVC pipes to keep all your lawn and gardening tools organized and out of the way.

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