How Princeton, NJ Parents Stay Organized!

It’s that time of year again in our Princeton, NJ community…If you’re like most families, the start of a new school year feels like the start of a new calendar year, complete with new goals and resolutions. Let us at Princeton Self Storage help you reach your goals by giving you a cheat sheet on how to keep things organized in the transition from summer to fall. Feel free to add any of your own helpful hints to the comments section below!

1. Create a morning routine: This can and will look different for every family, so choose one that works best for you. Maybe this means setting time parameters on bathroom/shower use, or designating one person to make the coffee and set out the cereal bowls. Remember, the end goal is for everyone to be out of the house with teeth brushed, hair combed and bellies full, wearing clean clothes and carrying what they need for the day. However your family decides to do this is up to you.

2. Plan outfits ahead of time: This is especially important if you have a creative youngster that feels compelled to put on his/her Halloween costume and swimming goggles for school. Picking out an outfit the night before removes the last minute ironing chaos and minimizes the drama of “what to wear”. Take it a step further and organize your kiddos’ closets so that their outfits are organized for the week.

3. Create a lunch packing station: If your kids are like ours, they’re not always excited about the school cafeteria menu. Give them some healthy and nutritious options that they can prepare themselves, in case they’re not in the mood for “Monday meatloaf and carrots”. Create a shelf in the refrigerator or in the cupboard that is stocked with some of their favorites. This will allow you to get a good sense of what they’re eating during the day, as well. Unless, they’re trading their apple for a donut on the bus.

4. Designate a space for school stuff: We like to call ours the “launch pad” as it’s the place the school bags get to blast off from each and every weekday morning. Not only will this reduce the clutter that can quickly accumulate in your home, but it will give your kids a go-to place to find that missing gym sock or permission slip.

5. Prepare the night before: Mornings can be unpredictable: alarms can be snoozed, dogs can take extra-long to walk, and children can have mini-breakdowns. To plan for the worst, get things together the night before.

Louis Pasteur wasn’t kidding when he said “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” We think he probably meant the prepared lunchbox and backpack, as well. Best of luck as you and your family prepare for a new school year in our Princeton, NJ community.