Getting Organized!

Here at Princeton Self Storage, we realize that the number one priority in life is to be happy. We also realize that one way to be happy is having an organized life in Princeton. We have joined forces with BHG and brought you a few tips to get you onto the road to success.

Clutter-No-More- The easiest way to taming a clutter is to look at the room you want to tame and break it down into small pieces. This will help make the project seem much easier and doable.

Throw it or Show it- Are you a hoarder? Well, look at it this way: If you don’t want to show it, then you should probably throw it.

Make time- Schedule a time and put it in your calendar and devote it to organizing your home, step by step.

Get a move on- If you spend every morning looking for the things that you need for that day, it’s probably time for a new plan. Here’s one: Take the time every night to think of what you might need, put it in a basket or bin, and just take it to your car every morning.

“I have absolutely nothing to wear”- Well, your closet should be filled with only three different types of clothing: Clothes that fit you, clothes that you love, and clothes that bring you the most compliments. After that, you just put on whatever outfit works best for that day.

Divide it- Need storage, but you don’t know where to put everything? Simple. Place shelves back to back, creating a room divider and fill them with books, dishware, or whatever else you need.

Overtime- Don’t spend huge amounts of money buying furniture that has its own separate purpose when you can buy furniture that does two jobs at once. Get beds or sofas with pull-out drawers!

Little people=Big messes- Store your children’s toys, or instruments in bins and place them in a closet.

Now that you have read these tips…get a move on! These simple tasks will send you on the road to success and happiness. Happy New Year and good luck!

Source: BHG