Create More Space in Your Home with Self Storage

Struggling with limited storage space in your abode? Princeton Self Storage offers an affordable and straightforward solution! Keep items safe, secure, and organized without renovations or major changes – giving you back precious room. This blog post will show how self-storage can help to create additional living space for a fraction of the cost.

small apartment - create space in your home with self storage

small apartment – create space in your home with self storage

How to Declutter and Organize Your Living Space

Keeping up with your home can be a massive advantage to both our mental and physical health. Devote some time each week to sorting out the mess in different spaces of your house and you’ll no longer feel bogged down by stress – but instead, find yourself more organized and empowered.

Don’t Let Out-of-Season Clothing Take Over Your Closet

Struggling to fit everything into your closet? Pack away out-of-season clothing, shoes and accessories in self storage for added space. This will make it easier for you to find your belongings as the seasons change. Get rid of items you don’t wear often – doing so can free up lots of room in your wardrobe and provide more breathing room throughout the home. 

Don’t Let Seasonal Decorations Clutter Your Home

With self storage, it’s easy to make more room in your home! Instead of having decorations taking up space all year round, pack them away until the season arises. This helps reduce clutter and frees valuable real estate for other activities or projects. For example, during the winter you can store your Fourth of July décor while your Christmas decorations are up. By doing this not only will you free up living areas but also create a stress-free atmosphere by decluttering your environment.

Store Extra Furniture Like a Pro

Self storage is the ideal way to preserve your furniture without sacrificing valuable space in your home. You can store beds, couches, tables and chairs securely while still having full access – so they’re perfect for heirloom pieces or larger items you don’t need all of the time! By taking advantage of self-storage solutions, it’s easy to free up some extra room around the house and have peace of mind that these prized possessions are kept safe at all times.

Princeton Self Storage in Princeton, NJ 

Tired of dealing with clutter in your home? Look no further than Princeton Self Storage! Conveniently located within the city of Princeton, NJ we offer a selection of affordable storage units ranging from 5×5 to 20×20. For help deciding which size is best for you and your items, try using our simple-to-use storage calculator online. Additionally, make sure packing up isn’t an issue – just take note of all advice found on our helpful tips page so that when it comes time to store everything away stuff will stay safe as can be! We sell storage supplies on-site to assist customers in packing their belongings safely. We have foam sheets, boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, dust covers, and more. What are you waiting for – head over to Princeton Self Storage today and secure yourself some much needed extra space at great rates now; hurry before they’re gone.  

Josh Byrd