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Princeton Self Storage in Princeton NJ


Storage Supplies That Will Benefit Your Move
October 1, 2019
Getting ready to pack up your belongings as the winter months approach, but not sure of what supplies are best suited for the job? Trying to figure out the storage supplies needed for storing personal belongings or even the quantity of materials can be very challenging. That is why we at Stirling Storage can be […]
Local Storage Tips For Back To School
September 13, 2019
With summer headed out and fall on its way, where are you storing your belongings? Have you ever thought about storing a few items to help organize the house? Stirling Storage is a local storage option in Phoenixville PA with more than just a storage space for rent. Our experts work hard to give you […]
We Love Our Phoenixville PA Community
August 12, 2019
Being part of this friendly, welcoming and tight-knit Phoenixville PA community are just some of the reasons we are proud to call this area home to Stirling Storage. August is all about focusing on what really makes our neighborhood so superb. With so many caring businesses, scrumptious foods to attempt and various sights to take […]
Why Organization Matters
January 12, 2017
Getting organized for 2017? Stirling Storage knows how to make the most of your space because we know why organization matters. With our room-by-room strategy below you will have the skills and knowledge to get the job done. Kitchen: Add a tension rod under the sink to hang cleaning products with a spray handle. There is […]
Why Organization Matters
January 12, 2017
Are you struggling to get your house back in working order after the holidays? We understand why organization matters to you and how it can help you live an efficient life. Here at Princeton Self Storage we have the supplies on-site to get you started and the strategies to tackle every room. Look below for […]
Timelapse Video of Our Facility Being Built
December 5, 2016
Watch the construction of Stirling Storage facility!
Make a difference
Make A Difference in Our Princeton Community
November 23, 2016
The holidays are not only about spending time with family but giving back to those in need. Our self storage family is ready to make a difference in the community we are so proud to live and work in. Our storage family hopes you will join in the giving and help these kids to have […]
Winter Festivities in Your Phoenixville Community
November 9, 2016
Stirling Storage wants to make the holidays easy on you. If you have the whole family coming over to celebrate and your in need of a place to take everyone, we have you covered. Longwood Gardens has been decorating for the holidays for many years. They provide a spectacular event that will remove the hustle […]
Holiday Happening
Holiday Happening in our Princeton Community
November 8, 2016
  Princeton Self Storage is preparing for cooler weather and wintry conditions. After you have prepared your house and vehicle to endure this time of year you can get your family ready too! We have lots of options for holiday activities the whole family will cherish. Princeton tour company is having their special holiday trolley […]
Steps to get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter
October 13, 2016
Don’t leave your vehicle unarmed when the winter season comes. Take these steps to get your vehicle ready for winter. Follow the plan below and you will be ready to settle in for winter and dream about feeling the spring breeze. Take your vehicle for one last ride to allow it to warm up and burn off any condensation […]