Make A Difference in Our Princeton Community

The holidays are not only about spending time with family but giving back to those in need. Our self storage family is ready to make a difference in the community we are so proud to live and work in. Our storage family hopes you will join in the giving and help these kids to have a great Christmas morning.

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, or more commonly known as TASK, is in need this year during the holidays. We are taking donations for a specific family in our neighborhood. TASK follows a powerful mission, “Feed those who are hungry in the Trenton area. Offer programs to encourage self -sufficiency and improve the quality of life of its patrons.” With cold weather approaching, feeding the hungry is a high priority for TASK but they need our help. A nice warm meal makes the difference for a family who has fallen on hard times or someone who is trying to get back on their feet. This organization encourages the Trenton community to volunteer their time, donates ingredients and help those less fortunate. TASK has been helping people since 1982 and has grown from a small basement in a local Trenton church to their having their own space.

Make a difference

During the holidays TASK reaches out to the community asks members to help a family make Christmas special. We have adopted a family in need this holiday season and require your help to provide for them. We are asking our tenants and neighborhood to drop off items listed on the flyer above, until December 21st. This organization is helping so many in our neighborhood and we want to do our part. Call in or stop in to let us know how you want to help our charity initiative.  As a loving neighborhood, we can do so much to make a difference.